How to Use Full Cycle Soap

As Bob & I use Full Cycle Soap and talk to people who are using it also, we are discovering more and more uses. We started out using it in the hand soap dispenser in the bathroom. A few years ago, I (Vicki) put it in the shower gel dispenser. I use one of those net balls and the soap lathers up full and white. I then started using it instead of my shaving foam. It is good right out of the dispenser. Add a little water with your hands and it is very slick and leaves legs smooth. So, below is a partial list of uses that we have discovered. We will add to this as we hear of more.

Use full strength on grease and oil spots before laundering. (don't allow to dry on clothes) Add to the laundry wash cycle for greasy work clothes. Let soak and wash as usual.

Full Cycle Soap is concentrated: If you dilute it, it will go much further and still clean very well.

Dilute 1:1 in a spray bottle for heavy duty grease and oil. Works on wheels, tools, engines and more. 
Dilute 1 : 4 or 5 for lighter all purpose cleaning. Good for stove hoods, cook tops, dirty floors. Dilute more for light cleaning.

Just a small amount in the sink half full of water is good for counters, cabinets, and any general cleaning that you would use an all purpose cleaner for.

Soaking: I had an apron that was my mother's. She had worn it for years, for making pies, pot roast, cookies. It had that greasy look that comes from shortening and vegetable oil. I wetted the apron and worked in a small amount of Full Cycle Soap. Then I added enough water to just cover. I went about my day and came back a few hours later. I rinsed and dried the apron and was amazed. All the grease spots were gone.

No fumes: We have a couple of restaurants that have started using Full Cycle Soap on their fryers and grills. They use it just like their previous cleaning product, pour it on, work it around, let it set for 10 - 15 minutes and finish the job. The soap works well. The difference is that there are no fumes and no gloves. Imagine cleaning your grill and coming away with softer, cleaner hands.

Vicki & Bob Abbey